The real World Cup winner is the alternative accommodations industry

Alternative Accommodation Demand Up 400% from Last World Cup

The sure bet to win at the 2018 FIFA World Cup is the alternative accommodation industry. Demand is up 400% compared to the last World Cup. Airbnb reported that over 50,000 people stayed in their listings in 2014, and we estimate that over 200,000 people will stay in alternative accommodations this summer in Russia. But whereas last time, the success of Airbnb resembled Germany’s humbling of Brazil, the Russia World Cup is proving to be a much tougher competition.

The spike in demand is a clear win for both the major alternative accommodation platforms (Airbnb and and the hosts who rent out their homes. The platforms have used this event to double their Russian inventory and hosts will take home bumper profits.

Eleven cities will host matches, including major urban centers (e.g. Moscow) and resort destinations (e.g. Sochi). While all host cities were affected by this massive spike in lodging demand, the impact varies broadly from city to city.

See our report below to learn more about the impacts of the World Cup:

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