The state of the vacation rental market in Switzerland

Switzerland is world-renowned for its precision and high standards, traditions that are manifest in its peerless watch industry. These attributes are also found in Switzerland’s many excellent hospitality management schools (École hôtelière de Lausannee.g. Les Roches International School of Hotel Management, SHMS), which attract hoteliers from around the world for training.

Hotels are not the only beneficiaries of this rigorous attention to detail. The alternative accommodation industry has a long history in Switzerland and it evolved following the same concepts. The advent of Airbnb,, and other online rental platforms has given alternative accommodations even more prominence in Swiss tourism market.

Get to know the numbers by checking this Transparent Report on the Vacation Rental Market of Switzerland 2018.

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For a deeper understanding of the relationship between Airbnb and hotel chains in Switzerland, watch our collaborator Simon Lehmann discuss the issue on CNN Money.

Source: CNN Money – Switzerland

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